Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I enjoy watching one white haired liberal TV commentator because he is so genuine and passionate in his liberal beliefs. I don’t dislike liberals, I’m sure most liberals love this country as much as I do and feel they are doing what is in the best interest of their country. I have always felt and still do that most liberals are good and decent Americans.

I'm sure they mean well, but I feel liberals and their supporters are just plain shallow and should never be totally in charge of this great, great country. Just the struggle to survive a hundred years ago made almost everyone conservative, and back then the only place you could find a liberal was in a rich family or maybe on a college campus.

What is liberalism? I hear people saying liberalism is a disease and all kinds stuff. The fact is liberalism is no disease or anything like that. Many people have instantly become a conservative when a mugger slammed them upside the head and converted them, or when a burglar cleaned out their home.

A liberal is actually an individual with a weak survival instinct due to a lack of survival struggle. Liberals are shallow and unaware of threats to survival but they don’t know that. Anything that doesn’t promote procreation and the nuclear family way of life is a threat to survival, but try convincing a liberal or a conservative pretender of this law of nature. A strong survival instinct includes safeguarding the future. And only procreation and the nuclear family guarantees future survival.

Never in history has the poor been liberal until this doomsday welfare state came along. Now, a great many of the poor is moral corrupt. The poor has always been automatically trusted to do domestic work in people’s home, not anymore. To produce great character there must be survival struggle or imposed survival struggle, there is no getting around it, it is a law of nature. It opens ones eyes and makes one more aware of their surroundings, especially survival threats.

The real solution about life is balance and perspective. This would be a cold hard world without liberals. Now, let’s just imagine that liberals are now in charge of all three branches of government with a filibuster proof senate. Liberals can now have their way and do as they please. The first thing they are going to do is haul ass out of Iraq at any cost. The next two things they are going to do is tax the hell out of anybody in business and create countless new social programs.

“I ask you,” what do you think the liberals think is going to happen when they haul ass out of Iraq? Huh, “I will tell you,” they don’t know what's going to happen because nobody does. But, I’m going to give you some worse case scenarios. Leaving before it is stable could collapse the US. economy.

It could cause mass starvation if the US. doesn
t get it’s sixty percent plus overseas oil supplies. That is because the eighteen wheeler semi's may not be able to roll due to lack of fuel. It could engulf the whole Muslim world in turmoil and even close the shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf region.

At the very least, a blood bath will definite take place in Iraq. Whoever is in charge of our great country should never loose sight of our whole 300 million lives at stake. Only shallow thinkers will get emotional sidetracked and bring down the whole US economy. Never underestimate the destruction of shallow liberal thinking.

Now, do you think anyone with great wisdom and depth would just roll the dice and let the chips fall where they may with the United States Of America's economical survival at stake? "I don’t. You tell me I'm wrong. I’m listening." With shallow minded liberals in total charge, no least resistance feel good dumb thing can be ruled out.

How do you think this country got into the shape it is in today? Bleeding heart do good liberal thinking instead of individual responsibility and accountability thinking. I care about pain and suffering, and have suffered mentally all of my life. I'm fortunate not to be locked away in an insane asylum somewhere, thank God.

As uninformed and dumbed down as today's voters are the unthinkable can never be ruled out. Most voters have no concept of what really holds this great country together and make it work, especially how important oil is to our ability to eat and survive. I blame the mostly liberal media for this.

They are informed. They know the facts. They are not stupid. They are just too spoiled, partisan, and spiteful to do the right thing and call a spade a spade for the sake of saving our civilization. Love, happiness, pleasure, and all of the good things that makes life worth living will not matter, if you don't first survive.

Lately I hear the term “Protect the Children” and we know what is best for the children. In my view it is like “The three blind men examining an elephant.” I can’t remember all of the details, but all three came away with a different conclusion, one thought the legs were tree trunks. From a big picture point of view it is impossible for the welfare state to truly protect the children.

Until recently, going back over five thousand years the children were always protected because of one simple fact, the parents needed them for survival. Today most parents see children as love items to be pampered and doted upon. Kids are almost never seen as future meal tickets, which they are. The welfare state has taken away the need for the male head of household and the need to raise children like ones life will depends on it.

The supreme natural law of human survival is based on a survival need, and bleeding heart do good liberals have all but destroyed any need for responsibility, accountability, or anything else. I’m totally against any abuse of any child for any reason, period. God save us.